Scientific Shamanic Healing

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Scientific Shamanic Healing Book

New Science, combined with ancient Shamanic Practices, offers radical understanding and self-help methods for healing emotional, psychological and spiritual problems.

Anxiety, depression, anger, addiction, PTSD, misfortune and curses can become persistent pernicious problems.

Neuroscience proves that every pernicious problem can be traced back to childhood traumas and subconscious wounding. Fortunately, the subconscious is malleable.

You can learn how to access your subconscious mind and re-program its wounded psyche to create absolute healing and transformation. You’ll gain perceptive insights and soon be experiencing new levels of energy, self-esteem, confidence, personal power, peace and happiness! —Expect Miracles!

Barry Gordon is a Physicist, Meta-physicist, Feng Shui Master, Senior Buddhist Teacher in the Tibetan/Chinese Bon Tradition, and Advanced Energy Psychology Coach.

Gayla Gordon is a Creative Visionary, Feng Shui Master, Sufi Cheraga, Doctor of Divinity, "Minister of Mirth" and Advanced Energy Psychology Coach.

Barry & Gayla traveled the world to receive wisdom, Initiations and Lineage from Kahunas, Shamans, Gurus, Lamas and Energy Psychology Masters. Their deep perceptions and light-hearted wisdom inspire profound transformation. They work with individual clients, world-wide via Zoom. Check out our wesite Transformational Life Counseling or click to email us

Thank you so much for the detailed information in the book. You are truly awesome! I’ve told so many of my friend’s about your book. I’ll definitely continue to spread the word as I truly believe in these treatments and learning more about other aspects mentioned in your book. Jevon, LA
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“Barry and Gayla share very powerful and practical wisdom in their book "Scientific Shamanic Healing" which I found immediately helpful. As a result I understand exactly what has made me respond to life in the way that I have and can now use tools to enhance my relationship with others via a new connection to previously unrecognized subconscious layers of myself. Take heart, their thesis is as supportive and comforting as it is empowering. Furthermore, I recommend conversations with Barry or Gayla to increase the depth of the impact from these considerations.”Colin S, Hedge Fund Manager, NY

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to you and Gayla for writing this wonderful book. I haven't finished reading yet, but so far it has been absolutely invaluable and wonderfully written. Thank you!!


“The book is wonderful”Linda E, AZ